breathing artist

mobile empty headed chaos

sometime between 1964 and 1970 or thereafter...

david stolberg discovered the wonder of color. he dipped his fingers in paint and smeared the wet pigment over a perfectly clean sheet of paper. his "masterpiece" extended beyond the limits of the paper's edge. the color goop of primary hues found his face, his clothing, the furniture, and the floor.

he no longer remembers whether his mother praised or punished him for his questionable accomplishment.

sometime between then and now or now and then...

david sequesters himself inside air conditioned walls while the forces of nature scorch the environment outside his windows. inside the walls or inside his head is where he discovers an appreciation for the magic of creation, innovation, and existence.

david believes the magic is without limits as long as he believes it is without limits.

and so...

david has been here and there.
david has done this and that.

as a graduate of a university in the deep south, david learned how to crunch numbers and develop software. then he learned how to exchange his knowledge for food and shelter. his mom and dad were proud and relieved. his offspring were fed and sheltered.

then one day...

david stopped crunching numbers.
david stopped developing software. continue a journey.

david draws and paints what he sees or what he believes he sees. the journey is everyday.

david's studio contains color, music, movement, and inspiration. his inspiration comes from the everydayness of life: silent mornings, sweeping sunsets, bending bodies, angry people, easy chairs, ignorance, inventiveness, literature, sound waves, and most importantly, his chaotically compartmentalized brain.

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